Everything you need to know about WM Gift Cards

Thinking of buying Mom a Gift Card for Mother’s Day? From products, to packages, to luxurious services, we have you covered!! You can use your gift card for the exact package or service it was purchased for, or you can also use it toward your favorite service or product, the options are endless! Our Guest Service Team has listed below the most frequently asked questions they get this time of year!

There are two locations listed on the back of my card, can my Mom use her gift card at either location?
A. Yes, of course! We welcome our guests to try both of our locations in Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI!

Q. Can my Mom use her gift card for gratuity?
A. No, unfortunately gift cards cannot be used for gratuity.  However, we do accept cash, check, credit or debit card.

Q: Where can I purchase a gift card?
A. WM Gift Cards can be purchased in salon, at our website or via telephone at 815.398.4000 or 608.312.2722.  They can be printed directly to your computer, e-mailed to your recipient, mailed or picked up.

Q. Do you provide complimentary gift wrap?
A. We sure do! Our gift cards are placed inside a gift card holder then placed into our signature French Wrap with a bow, ready to give.

Q. In what denominations are gift cards sold?
A. WM Gift Cards can be purchased in any denomination.

Q. What can my Mom use the gift card for?
A. The WM Gift Cards can be used toward any product, service or package.  They can not be used to purchase another gift card.

Q. I bought my mom a gift card for a specific Spa Package or service, does she have to use it for that?
A. No, not necessarily, however if she chooses not to, she will forfeit the package pricing.

Q. How can I find out the balance on my card?
A. To check your balance you may stop in with your card or call 815.398.4000 or 608.312.2722 and our Guest Service Team will be happy to assist you.

Q. Does it ever expire or lose it’s value?
A. No, our gift cards never lose value, never expire and have been graciously accepted for over 29 years.

Q. I’ve never been to your spa, what kind of services do you offer?
A. We have all types of services and products. We suggest visiting our website to see all of our services in detail, you can even book your appointments online!

Why do your prices range?

Our prices and levels reflect the consultants’ demand of time.

How far in advance does my Mom need to schedule her Spa Package?

We ask 4-6 weeks notice when scheduling a Spa Package, sometimes we can get them in sooner, it just depends on the date and time requested.
And of course, if there’s any questions we haven’t answered, please feel free to call our Guest Service Team !