In this day and age, back to school shopping involves a lot more than notebooks, crayons and pencils. Sure, you may have a list of required supplies from your Teacher, but do you have the right beauty and wellness supplies to keep you glowing and stress-free all semester long? Here’s our top picks for what you should stock up on this Fall, no matter what grade you’re in! 


Stress Crème Cleansing Oil: Bath time = fun time. Aveda’s Stress Fix Crème Cleansing Oil is gentle enough on the tiniest of bodies and has lavender, lavadin and clary sage which have been clinically proven to reduce the feelings of stress. Tip: Lavender also helps put kids to sleep! 
Wet Brush: Say BYE BYE to tangles!! In all different colors and styles, this brush makes detangling a breeze! The Wet Brush is a must have for anyone who cringes or cries when trying to brush their hair!! 


OPI Iceland Collection: In all our favorite Fall shades, this collection sure to get you an A+ in the nail world! Nail Art is one of the major trends right now, so play around with it, be a trend-setter and have fun! 

Bumble & bumble Tonic: Lighter than water, this leave-in conditioner, detangles first day styles and refreshes styles on non-shampoo days!! Fun Fact: Tonic has tea-tree oil in it, so it repels lice too! 


SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense: When nightmares comes true and you’ve noticed a major breakout, dab some Blemish & Age Defense on the spot before you go to sleep and wake up with flawless skin!

Jane Iredale Dream Tint: Get to class on time and minimize your beauty routine. Jane’s Dream Tints pull double duty as a moisturizer with light-medium coverage! 


Guinot Masque Yeux: Hide the fact that you just spent the night at your favorite Fraternity with Guinot’s Masque Yeux. Packed with de-puffing ingredients, your Teacher won’t have any clue you’re running on 3 hours of sleep!

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo: Who has time to shampoo regularly with a busy college schedule?  Freshen hair and absorb oil with Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo.

Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate: College? Stressful? Enough said. When you’re in need of a little wellness, grab Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate and get balanced.