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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Because she taught us valuable life lessons and didn’t laugh at us when we got gum in our hair, it’s our duty to make sure all the Mom’s in our life feel extra special on Mother’s Day. Here’s our top picks for Mother’s Day. For the woman who does it all: A WM Gift Card.

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Everything you need to know about WM Gift Cards

Thinking of buying Mom a Gift Card for Mother’s Day? From products, to packages, to luxurious services, we have you covered!! You can use your gift card for the exact package or service it was purchased for, or you can also use it toward your favorite service or product, the options are endless! Our Guest

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Glisten On!

Presenting FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil 96% Natural – Vegan – Gluten Free If you love a deep-soaking, luscious after-shower body oil, Agave Nectar will love you back! The scent is heavenly light – an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert) that women and men alike adore. But it’s so much more

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Haircolor Fading? Here’s why

  Hard Water. Hard Water contains minerals like calciuim and magnesium and its wreaking havic on your hair. (and can even cause blondes to go green!) It created scaly film on the hair stopping it from absorbing moisture and retaining color. Quick fix? Buy a shower filter that attaches to your shower head. We also

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Treating PTSD with Massage

With everything going on in the world today, PTSD has been a talk on a lot of major news outlets. Not only from troops returning from war, but its been estimated that 70% of people in the US have experienced some type of trauma severe enough to result in PTSD. Massage Therapists are being called

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