Hair Stylists

Rachel graduated from Paul Mitchell The School in Monroe, Wisconsin! She absolutely loves doing hair, and is eager to continue to learn about the many other services and techniques in the hair industry. Her passion also lies in Esthetics, she loves performing waxing and facials too! While her passion is hair and beauty, when she is not working, she actually likes to be outdoors fishing, hunting and riding atv's!

"I strive to be the best person I can be at all times. To always give positive gifts and make positive relationships. To be open minded and judgement free and to always love the life I have been blessed with."

Danielle was our very first stylist at our new 2nd location in Beloit! It has been her dream since she was little to be a Cosmetologist and she graduated from First Class Cosmetology in Beloit. She loves performing color (especially Balayage Highlighting!) and styling. Danielle's fun-loving personality allows her to leave guests smiling from ear to ear! Danielle loves to boost her guests' self-esteem and plans to continue her education throughout her new career at WM. Danielle has been nicknamed the "Blowout Queen" because of her awesome Styling abilities! Her inspiration is vintage styles and big hair! In her free time she loves spending time with her kids and getting massages!

"My mission is to remain happy and motivated. I believe happiness is the key to success. If you love what you're doing, the rest falls into place. I strive to overcome whatever comes my way with grace and integrity. I look forward to sharing my happiness and personal growth to all around me."

Colleen joined our team from the Paul Mitchell School in Monroe, WI. Her confidence and upbeat attitude make her guests fall in love!
"It is my mission to live a happy and successful life. I have a mission to spread happiness around to everyone. I want everyone to feel equal and important."