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Get Your Glow On

Guinot’s NEW Hydra Peeling Treatment Guinot has launched an alternative to the traditional (but ever-so-daunting) chemical peel. Instead of a painful, time-consuming, and costly invasive chemical treatment, Guinot’s new Hydra Peeling treatment offers all the benefits of a peel, without the laundry list of side effects (redness, burns, pigmentation disorders, swelling…). Hydra Peeling is a

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Beyond Drugs – An Alternative To Pain Relief

Beyond Drugs: An Alternative for Pain Relief We have a serious pain epidemic in our country right now, and even locally. Injuries, conditions, and diseases cause all types of pain ranging from sciatica to migraines. Medications are not the only option when it comes to pain relief. MASSAGE For over 29 years, our professional Massage

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