CBD Benefits

New to the CBD world? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the low down on everything you need to know! Stop in and check out our full line of Vitality CBD products today!
But first, what is CBD?
CBD has no more than .3% THC, so it non-physcoactive. It will not give a euphoric or high effect. This means that unlike recreational or medical cannabis or marijuana, CBD will not adversely affect your sensory awareness, perception, consciousness, reaction time to behavior.

High CBD hemp crops are put through a specialized solvent-free extraction process to yield a hemp oil that is naturally high in Cannabidoil. This pure hemp extract is then tested for safety, quality and cannabinoid content. Every shipment we get comes with a laboratory test certificate.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that regulates the body’s homeostasis or general state of balance, impacting mood, sleep appetite, hormone regulation, pain and immune response. Millions of cannabinoid receptor sites are located throughout your brain, nervous system and immune system.

There have been over 23,000 published scientific and clinical research studies highlighting CBD’s potential as treatment for a wide range of conditions including arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, inflammatory disorders, epilepsy and other neurological disorders and diseases to name a few.

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