A Transformational Sensory In-Salon Experience


The unique art of Kerastase's exclusive routine brings out hair's inner radiance. These in-salon ritual treatments include a one-on-one consultation and hair diagnosis conducted by a haircare professional, for a truly customized and unique service. Textures are refined and reveal delicate, addictive fragrances, while rituals provide gentle, deep massages that completely relax mind and body.

The new Kerastase Fusio-Dose hair ritual is a fabulous way of treating hair types with multiple needs.

This new innovation incorporates using the five minute Kerastase Instant Rituals - which are highly concentrated formulas - along with a booster, which is a product to meet the hair's secondary needs.

There are four types of concentrate - one for dry hair, colored hair, damaged hair and mature hair. Once your primary hair type has been diagnosed by your hair stylist, you then choose a booster to be used with the concentrate. One gives intense color protection, one provides energy to the hair, one gives nutrition and the last has an anti-breakage effect on the hair.

These two products are then freshly mixed together and gently massaged into shampooed, towel dried hair. After the fused product is combed through and left for just five minutes to work its magic, it is then rinsed from the hair.

The beauty of the ritual is in the variety of treatments your hair stylist can provide - there are 14 different combinations of concentrate and booster to suit all hair needs.

Also the speed with which it takes to work means that this is a great way to give hair a boost in a hurry - and as an added bonus, the results last up to six washes.

5-minute treatments are the ultimate in convenience and style.
The Fusio-Dose Range from Kerastase, a true mark of a luxury service.

Concentre Pixelist
Concern: Color
Benefits: Long lasting brilliance
Seals in color from root to tip
Anti-fading protection

Concentre Oleo- Fusion
Concern: Nourishment, dryness
Benefits: Long-lasting nourishments
Softens and brings shine
Eases and brings shine

Concentre Vita-Ciment
Concern: Reinforcement, damage
Benefits: Reconstructs the inner cellular cement
Protects and adds shine

Concentre Densite
Concern: Density, thinning
Benefits: Instantly improves hair elasticity
Adds shine

.$25.00 for one Concentrate and one Booster
$5 for an additional Booster