New to Bikini Waxing?

All you need to know

Over the last few years, waxing has become more and more popular. Whether it's eyebrows, upper lip or, well, some place more intimate, many people are choosing waxing for long lasting results. For those who have never experienced a waxing before, or maybe had a not so great experience, it can be daunting. First time guests typically are nervous, not because of the pain, but because they are embarrassed, but once they try it, they're hooked! It's important to have your waxing done only by licensed professionals and here at WM we pride ourselves in our clean, fast, accurate waxing services. We're here to give you the "low-down" on all there is to waxing!

So what are the different types?

Traditional... $40
The Basic Bikini wax we offer removes hair that is outside of the panty line, basically the area that might be shown wearing a swimsuit. This wax is best for someone new to waxing since it's a fast process with less pain compared to other bikini waxes.

French Bikini... $55
The French Bikini Wax takes most of the hair from the front leaving a vertical strip. This waxing lets you wear a bikini or other small undergarments because more hair is removed than the Traditional Bikini Waxing.

Brazilian Bikini... $65
This procedure normally involves complete removal of all hair in the bikini area, front to back. It is named after Brazil, the country where the modern practice originated. Most of the time, you can leave your underwear on during a standard Bikini Wax, but for a Brazilian, you'll have to be sans panties. So, why a Brazilian? Most of our guests want it for cleanliness, convenience and of course, sexiness.

Waxing Q & A
Why should I get a Bikini Waxing?
Here at WM, it's a fast experience. Most of our experienced Estheticians can get you in and out in 15-30 minutes.

For the results you get, it's worth the cost. The hair follicle is pulled out by the root, so over time, it is discouraged from re-growing, and the hair can become softer and less dense.

It's a professional service and feels like pampering. Our heated beds, spa music and fresh sheets allow for a completely relaxing experience.

Sanitation is at the forefront of our minds, and we under no circumstance "Double-Dip."

Ingrown hairs associated with shaving can be painful and in this day and age, body hair is not considered fashionable!

It's not as uncomfortable as you think! Most people who receive the Brazilian wax continue on a regular basis and see about a 50% reduction in growth after only 5 to 6 visits!

How should I prepare?

We do not recommend getting a wax when you are menstruating, as sensitivity is usually increased at this time.

If you're worried about pain we recommend that you take an Ibuprofen an hour before your appointment to help cut down on pain.

Hair should be the right length. If it is too long the Esthetician will probably have to trim it, or if it is too short it may be hard or impossible to remove. The recommended length is 1/4 of an inch. (We say about 2 weeks without shaving)

Avoid swimming or tanning 24 hours prior to the service.

Shower and exfoliate the area down under the day of the waxing.

Post Waxing Care
Don't take a hot bath for the rest of the day.

Steer clear of tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the next 2 days.

After the tenderness has subsided, exfoliate to remove dead skin so you don't get clogged pores, resulting in ingrown hairs. To take home with you, we recommend Tend Skin, this is a girls best friend! It's a huge favorite in getting rid of ingrown hairs!

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