10 things you didn’t know about WM

In honor of 29 years with the community we wanted to share 10 things you may not know about our team!

  1. Our Logo: Nefertiti was Queen of Egypt during the early 14th century B.C.E. She possessed legendary beauty. She is a timeless symbol of consummate beauty.
  2. What is a WM DayMaker? Simply put, it’s someone who makes your day. For us, it means to make a difference, whether it be brightening someone’s day, increasing their self-esteem or making them smile. It’s inspired by a book called; Life As a DayMaker by David Wagner. He believes that the world has more good than bad and that each of us has the ability to make the good bigger, while shrinking the bad. Kindness can inspire others, diffuse anger, bring hope, heal pain, and change the world
  3. We have two employees in our Housekeeping Department from Growth Enterprises, that have a developmentally disabilities, one of which has been with WM for 14 years and we are so lucky to have them a part of our team!
  4. Our team loves to learn! In the last 12 months our Service Providers have attended over 20 classes to make sure they are on the forefront of education in our industry.
  5. For the last 10 years, we have never NOT had an employee pregnant! We joke that it “must be in the water!”
  6. Rainy Day? Our team will walk you to your car with an umbrella.
  7. We’re pretty big. Never stepped through our boutique? You should! Our Rockford location has 9,000 square feet equipped with steam rooms, locker rooms, fire place and vichy shower! Ask for a tour next time you stop in!
  8. We recycle… A LOT. Our recycle bin at WM is twice the size of our garbage bin. We have approximately 7 recycle bins throughout our locations. Our batteries even go to a special location to be recycled properly!
  9. We’re not perfect. Yes, we strive to make everyone’s day, but we do fail. If for any reason your visit wasn’t what you come to expect from our team, please call us and let us know. To our team, a complaint is a gift.
  10. Every Christmas season, we sell about 3,000 Gift Cards, making it the busiest season all year!