Rachel’s Top 4 Hair Tips for Beautiful Hair

If you’ve ever sat in Rachel’s Chair, you know you will not only leave the salon with fresh, beautiful hair, but you will also leave with a few hair tips to maintain your look at home. For today’s blog we asked Salon Coach, Rachel Squires to share with us her favorite hair tips that she gives her guests day in and day out:

  1. Bake a chicken, not your hair.

Your irons don’t need to be able to roast a chicken, they just need to be able to manipulate your hair to do what you ask. Whether it be flat ironing or beachy waves, keep your iron no hotter than 375 degrees.


  1. Your blowout won’t last until your next visit.

I’m sorry, but that beautiful blowout you just left the salon with, will last a few days, but not 6-8 weeks. Which means you have to be able to style your own hair at home. When we suggest and show you how to use products, its because you really do need that product if you want volume at your roots or if you want your curls to hold.


  1. Be nice to your hair.

Please, please don’t rip through your hair. If you don’t own a Wet Brush now, stop what you’re doing and go get one. They have intelliflex bristles so they won’t pull and rip your hair. Have a little one at home? Grab one for them too, it’ll make your mornings easier, promise.


  1. Time is $$.

Our time is valuable, we don’t always have 45 minutes to blowout our hair in the morning. Cut back on time by grabbing a micro fiber towel and let it soak up wetness while you do your makeup. Or if you’re really not into blowdrying, try the Bumble and bumble, “Don’t Blow It Leave in Creams”.