Hair Myths You Should Forget in 2018

There’s a lot of fake news out there in regards to hair and as your DayMakers, we don’t want you to fall for them. Read below things you must leave behind in 2018.

MYTH: Coloring your hair leads to damage
(Insert Eye Roll) – Please don’t believe everything you hear, ask your Stylist! Its only about half true. It all depends on the chemical and type of color you use.

MYTH: If you have fine hair you shouldn’t use conditioner.
False! Professional conditioners for fine hair are designed to plump up the cuticle strand, not weigh it down. And believe it not, everyone needs some type of moisture to balance out the PH levels in the hair, and put back what your shampoo is taking out.

MYTH: If you use the same shampoo and conditioner your hair will “Get Used To It” and stop working
Again, this is where your Stylist comes in. Sure your hair changes based on the time of year (you’ll need more moisture in Winter etc) and it may change based on what you do to your hair, like coloring. But those are the only reasons to switch Shampoos and Conditioners. And of course, if you’re a product junkie and just like to try what’s new in the beauty world, we don’t blame you.