Over the last few years, waxing has become more and more popular. Whether it's eyebrows, upper lip or, well, some place more intimate, many people are choosing waxing for long lasting results. For those who have never experienced a waxing before, or maybe had a not so great experience, it can be daunting. First time guests typically are nervous, not because of the pain, but because they are embarrassed. But once you try it, you'll be hooked! It's important to have your waxing done only by licensed professionals, and here at WM we pride ourselves in the clean, fast, accurate waxing services we provide.

Package Pricing is available. Ask your consultant for details.







French Bikini


Cheek (each)




Chin, Lip, Nape (each)


Eyebrow Shaping


Between Eyebrows Only


Fingers or Toes




Half Leg


Full Leg (both)




Full Face (lip,chin,cheek and eyebrow)


Brazilian and Full Leg


Arms and Underarms


Back and Chest


Ask your Consultant or Guest Relations Representative for other package pricing.