Body Care

The team members at WM have been carefully selected for their caring attitudes, commitment to the control and elimination of stress, and most importantly, to address your individual needs. Our Rockford Location includes an adjoining massage room, as well as steam rooms and private showers. Our Beloit Location also has adjoining rooms. Arrive early at both locations to enjoy a complimentary beverage in front of our fireplace. Our prices do range depending on the consultant you see. Our pricing and levels reflect our Consultants' demand of time.


NEW! Clarity Massage

Those who suffer from them know that headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure can leave you feeling unfocused and muddled. Let our massage therapists bring you Clarity through 60 or 90 minutes of healing bodywork, focusing on the upper back, shoulders, head and scalp. You will float on a pillow of warm water as your head pain is gently massaged away using a variety of specialized techniques. For a full body massage, choose the 90 minute option to allow sufficient time to relieve your head pain.

  • 60 Minutes... starting at $90
  • 90 Minutes... starting at $115

  • NEW! CBD Enhancements

    Enhance your massage with our Vitality CBD-infused massage salve. This soothing salve has the ability to reduce inflammation, relieve pain in the muscles and joints, and calm skin conditions. Add it on to any of our massages to ensure the best results. Ask your therapist for more information.

    • Add on to 60 - 90 Minute Massage ... $20
    • Add on as a spot treatment ... $5

    Therapeutic Massage

    This type of massage results in various physiological and psychological effects: relaxation, relief from pain, reduction of certain types of edema, and increased range of motion. It also assists the venous flow of blood, provides gentle stretching of the tissue, and helps relieve subcutaneous scar tissue.

  • 30 minutes... Starting at$45.00
  • 45 minutes... Starting at $55.00
  • 60 minutes... Starting at $70.00
  • 75 minutes... Starting at $85.00
  • 90 minutes... Starting at $95.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue massage is a highly focused and specific massage intended to relieve chronic pain from injuries, repetitive motions and stress. Often, a firm pressure is used, but is not necessary to achieve the desired results. Your therapist will always work within your comfort level, using a variety of advanced techniques and knowledge to relieve you of your aches and pains.

    • 30 minutes... Starting at $50.00
    • 45 minutes... Starting at $65.00
    • 60 minutes... Starting at $80.00
    • 75 minutes... Starting at $100.00
    • 90 minutes... Starting at $110.00

    Aveda Stress Fix Massage

    This massage utilizes the power of massage oils, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology and acupressure points to help you recover from the negative effects of stress. This treatment incorporates Aveda's Stress Fix Aroma blend with lavender, lavadin and clary sage which is clinically proven to help reduce feelings of stress.

    • 60 Minutes... Starting at $90.00
    • 75 Minutes... Starting at $105.00
    • 90 Minutes... Starting at $115.00

    Therapeutic Stone Massage:

    The ancient healing art of stone massage is a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. Working in harmony with various massage techniques and warm stones, the body is relaxed to its deepest level. Stone massage creates harmony and a positive energy flow.

  • 60 minutes... Starting at $90.00
  • 90 minutes... Starting at $115.00
  • Oasis Replenishing Massage

    It's a massage and a body treatment in one! The Oasis Replenishing Massage is a completely customized full-body massage using our signature Oasis aroma- a refreshing blend of ylang ylang, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot. Extra time is allotted for exfoliation of the skin and a purifying and nourishing gel mask applied to the back and feet.

    • 60 Minutes... Starting at $100.00
    • 75 Minutes... Starting at $105.00
    • 90 Minutes... Starting at $115.00

    Serenity Massage

    Leave your stress behind, and let us take you away to a state of pure serenity! The sweet and citrusy scent of our Serenity Oil will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is our most soothing massage, incorporating slow, flowing strokes inspired by the traditional Hawaiin massage Lomi Lomi, and a sampling of hot stones. .

    • 60 Minutes... Starting at $90.00
    • 75 Minutes... Starting at $105.00
    • 90 Minutes... Starting at $115.00

    Prenatal Massage

    Experience much-needed relaxation for expectant mothers. A full body massage is performed by using pillows and bolsters to provide support and comfort during the side-lying massage. A doctor's note is recommended for this service.

    • 30 minutes... Starting at $50.00
    • 45 minutes... Starting at $60.00
    • 60 minutes... Starting at $75.00
    • 75 minutes... Starting at $90.00
    • 90 minutes... Starting at $100.00

    Mellow Mama Massage

    This full body massage uses our safe and effective prenatal massage techniques combined with the high performing products of Basq NYC to soothe the specific muscles that are strained during pregnancy, improve skin elasticity and relax the mind. Our Mellow Mama Massage increases circulation, alleviates tired muscles and reduces excess water retention. Enjoy a refreshing foot soak* to begin your relaxation, take the time to wind down, and let a professional Massage Therapist relieve the pressure of pregnancy.

    • 60 minutes... Starting at 90.00

    Hydrotherm Massage

    All of the benefits of a traditional massage without having to turn over or use a face cradle. Guests lay face up on a system filled with warm water and receive a full body massage unlike any other. Great for expectant mothers!

    • 60 minutes... Starting at $90.00

    Adjoining Rooms & Couples Treatments

    We do have adjoining rooms at both locations available for an additional charge of $10 ($5 per person).

    Massage Upgrades

    Let us customize your massage with a selection of essential oil blends for your individual needs.

    • Add to any massage treatment... $5.00

    • OPI Foot Scrub
      Gently exfoliates rough skin & leaves a soft, clean feeling. .
      • Add to any massage treatment ... $5.00

      • OPI Foot Mask
        Moisturizes, conditions, & softens callouses, leaving a silky smooth finish. .
        • Add to any massage treatment ... $5.00

    Chair Massage

    The perfect massage for neck, back and shoulder areas for those who have limited time, or have never experienced the benefits of a massage.

    • 15 Minutes... $25.00