Adrienne Boykin

Adrienne graduated from Hair Professional's in Dekalb, IL in 2005. Her career at WM started in 2008 and she is currently a Team Coach and the Educational Director of the hair department. Her background includes attending the Aveda Institute and becoming our Aveda Certified Hair Color Trainer, she has attended the Bumble and bumble University in New York City to become our certified Network Educator for Bumble and bumble, and is also a Certified Loreal Professionel Color Stylist. Along with keeping up with the current hair trends, her passion for makeup inspires her to excel in that as well. Adrienne is known for truly understanding her clients needs and going beyond their expectations! She has a strong knowledge of haircare and this allows her to "wow" her guests and create a memorable experience. She has the ability to "transform" clients and bring out the best in them! Adrienne also displays her creativity in her free time as a singer in a band, "The Crave".

"My mission is to continue doing the best I can in all situations in my life. Things may not always be the way I want but I must adapt, accept or change what it is that I want. I will never stop taking full responsibility for my goals, dreams, and wants. It is all in my control. I do however strive to be more assertive in doing what must be done, even if I don't want to. I will continually strive for balance both personally and professionally."

Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters

Rachel loves the excitement of meeting new people everyday and doing all different types of haircoloring and haircuts. Rachel loves to shop and find the latest and greatest trends in fashion and the beauty world. She graduated from Regency Beauty Institute in 2010 and has been with WM since 2010 also.

"Live every day as if it was a special day. Always be happy because anytime you're mad, that is a minute wasted you can't get back."

Stephanie Boase

Stephanie joins our Hair and Nail departments, graduating from Educators of Beauty. She has always been a girly girl and loves all things to do with beauty and fashion. She is passionate about being able to positively change her guests lives by transforming their look. Her favorite treatments to perform are color, styling and blowouts. When she is not working, she likes to spend time with her family and boyfriend, go shopping, get her hair colored and get massages!

"It is my mission to live everyday of my life to the absolute fullest. To always appreciate everyone and everything I have been given. To do my small part in the world by using my talents to better the lives of others."

Alyssa Shollenberger

Alyssa Shollenberger

Alyssa graduated from Educators of Beauty in April of 2017. She loves to style hair and let's not forget about color! In the future, she hopes to go back to school to become a teacher so that she can help people realize their passion just like she did while she was in school. When she was a senior in high school she actually was set on being a teacher but after she took a vocational class for Cosmetology School she realized her real passion was cosmetology. Alyssa believes that happiness is the feeling that comes to you when you know life is good and all you can do is smile. It's the little things to see someone happy and it only takes a few kind words.

“It’s my mission to live every day to the fullest and to help others live theirs!”