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Did you know?

“Scalp is the top searched term on google (top 20).

51% of Female consumers in the US consider “Flaky Scalp” to be a top 3 concern.

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Introducing Bb. Scalp Detox!

A fizzing, detoxifying foam that renews your scalp.

Top Benefits:

-Instantly removes product buildup, oil and impurities.

-Leaves scalp feeling refreshed, renewed and rebalanced.

Who it’s for:

-Heavy stylers and frequent product users that need a deep, detoxifying cleanse.

-All scalp types – from oily to extra dry.

Usage Occasions:

-Weekly, before shampooing.

-After one-day-too-many of dry shampoo’ing or overloading on styling products.

The Magic:

Refresh: Micellar Water

-Helps to gently cleanse and remove dirt and debris.

Renew: Salicylic Acid

-Remove dead surface skin cells and debris which can clog pores.

Rebalance: Nourishment Blend

-Panthenol, Vitamin B5, Caffeine and Vitamin E help to nourish and prevent over drying.

4oz – $34