Haircolor Fading? Here’s why


  1. Hard Water. Hard Water contains minerals like calciuim and magnesium and its wreaking havic on your hair. (and can even cause blondes to go green!) It created scaly film on the hair stopping it from absorbing moisture and retaining color. Quick fix? Buy a shower filter that attaches to your shower head. We also recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a week like Bumble and bumble’s Sunday shampoo.


  1. No, we’re not talking about the kind you drink. We’re talking about the kind that’s the main ingredient in your hairspray. Avoid hairsprays with the main ingredient being alcohol.


  1. Not so good products. Shampoo will either make or break your haircolor, real fast. Your hair is an investment, trust your Stylist when they suggest professional products to prolong your color. Whether it be sulfate free shampoos like Bumble and bumble’s Color Minded or a color depositing shampoo like AVEDA’s Madder Root or the NEW Bb Hair Glosses.


  1. Washing too soon, or too often. We always suggest our guests wait 48 hours for their first shampoo after their color service. The longer you wait the better chance your haircolor has to settle in. It’s worth the wait, trust us.


  1. Not using a heat protectant. If there is any styling product you need in your arsenal, it’s a heat protectant. Coloring hair strips away the protective cuticle layer that surround each of our strands, so we need something to replace that layer, such as a heat protectant. Our favorite? Kerastase Thermiques.


  1. Fashion colors and reds fade the fastest. So again, before you make the decision to go there, make sure you’re prepared to make the investment of proper homecare regimens to keep it up.