Why Dad is our Hero

Read on to find out why Dad deserves a little extra love this Father’s Day.

Boosting Daughter’s Aspirations
In a study published in May 2017 of Physchological Science shows that Dads who shared in chores around the house defied stereotypical roles of females and showed their daughters that they can chase their dreams and aspire to less traditional, and potentially higher paying, careers. For the son, studies have shown that they are less likely to gender stereotype and be more empathetic toward others.

Can’t Beat Genetics
Science is science. We get DNA equally from each parent, but we “use” more of our father’s genes.

The Dad Effect
Research shows that fathers who are involved with their children have a significant and positive impact on their child’s development. From intelligence to emotional IQ, having the security of a Father figure has been proven to increase both of these.

Dads Do The Roughhousing, and that’s okay
According to the book, “The Art of Roughhousing,” play dates with Dad that involve physical engagement are okay, and actually have a lot of benefits. Play can actually make a kid smart, emotionally intelligent, lovable and likeable, ethical, physically fit and joyful.

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