When WM DaySpa Salon was established in 1988, we decided to create a balance between art, science, and service - The Art of Beauty and Body Care.

Our primary objective was simple:

Guest Satisfaction
The ongoing research and training of our attentive team guarantees that their professional knowledge is continually at the forefront of the latest developments in beauty and body care.

Because we know that getting to know you is the first step on the road to pleasing you, our team members insist on taking the time to consult with you prior to each service to customize the session to fit your needs and expectations. By taking the extra time to do what others do not, we at WM have earned a reputation for providing our guests with the totally indulgent beauty experience.

So relax as our team of artisans gives your body the royal treatment. Think of our DaySpa as an oasis of pampering in a world that doesn't always cater to your every whim. Luxuriate here.

Renew your self-esteem. Soak up the serenity.

Experience the excellence of our Hair Stylists.

Indulge in an hour of a soothing body or facial massage as the skilled hands of our massage therapists and estheticians drive your tensions away.

Bask in the bliss of a spa day and realize just how wonderful the experience at WM can make you feel...

Here at WM DaySpa Salon, we go above and beyond to deliver the services you expect. Our customer service is far superior to what your typical salon can offer. We are committed to getting to know our customers and building a lasting relationship. At WM DaySpa, you are more than just a customer, you are part of something much bigger.

To maintain our reputation of excellence and keep our customers satisfied, we offer a comprehensive array of health and beauty services, including: body care, hair care, hair removal, cosmetics, facials, nail care, skin care, and others. We are passionate about giving our team continued inspiration and education to ensure that we are on the forefront of fashion and beauty. We also offer a variety of packages to meet your needs, and both ladies and gentlemen are welcome!

At WM we have built our reputation as "Daymakers." What is unique about our staff is their commitment to every guest and to each other. They are passionate about sharing their talents and skills with one another to create an environment where everyone is at their best. At WM we love what we do - and our goal is to share that love and passion through every guest experience.

About our logo

About our logo

Nefertiti was Queen of Egypt during the early 14th Century B.C.E. She possessed a legendary beauty. "The beautiful one is here" is the ancient Egyptian meaning of "Nefertiti." She is a timeless symbol of consummate beauty.

What Rocks 2014!

What Rocks 2014!

We are thankful to all of our loyal guests for the support! We are humbled by the acknowledgement. Our guests are what rocks!